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Upload a face of a person of interest and discover their social media profiles, appearances in blogs, video, and news websites.

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As society became soft on crime, criminals are free to walk. With FaceCheck you can check a person's photo against millions of faces from mugshot, sex offender websites, and suspects that appeared in the news.

Keep Your Family Safe

FaceCheck works extra hard to find and index faces of violent criminals, child rapists & molesters, sex offenders, kidnappers, abusers, murderers, hate crime perpetrators, burglars, gang members, fugitives, terrorists, online dating & romance scammers, and other fraudsters.

Avoid Becoming a Victim

  • Uncover catfish, romance scammer, or fake dating profile
  • Avoid dating a swindler, convict, or deadbeat
  • Uncover con-artists before doing business with them
  • Uncover abusers, sex offenders, and pedophiles
  • Uncover fake video reviews and testimonials

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