What is FaceCheck?

FaceCheck is an investigative search engine that allows you search the internet using a photo of a face. The search result will show you links to webpages on the Internet where we have seen a face of this person or people who look similar.

How Does FaceCheck Work?

FaceCheck uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to detect faces, measure similarity between faces, and search large amounts of data efficiently.

What’s the Number on Top of a Search Result?

The match quality score ranges from 0 to 100 and indicates how closely face is matching. 100 means the exact same photo was found. A score of 80 could indicate the same person from a different angle in a diferent enviroment.

Do you Provide a Positive Identity Match?

FaceCheck provides a match quality score. No matter how sophisticated AI algorithm is, a computer can’t establish guaranteed identity match based on a low quality internet photos of people in varying poses and lighting conditions. Since many unrelated people look alike (doppelganger effect), always use other supporting data when making a judgment call. Also keep in mind that scammers online often use photos of innocent people.

How Do I Delete My Own Face from The Search?

Deleting your face from FaceCheck’s database is quick and easy. Just follow the instructions here.

Does It Cost Anything to Delete My Photos?

No! FaceCheck does not engage in any kind of extortion scheme.

What data do you collect?

FaceCheck collects and caches only a small low resolution thumbnail of a face and URL link to a website. FaceCheck collects only legally obtained data from public and readily available websites. Read more.

Do you Store Search History?

We do not log search history or your IP address. Uploaded photos are deleted, they are not indexed. Your search is temporarily stored for 24 hours, after that it’s deleted and can’t be recovered.