General Information

What is FaceCheck?

FaceCheck is an investigative search engine that allows you to search the Internet using a photo of a face. The search result will show you links to webpages on the Internet where we have seen the face of this person or people who look similar.

How Does FaceCheck Work?

FaceCheck uses proprietary artificial intelligence technology to detect faces, measure similarity between faces, and efficiently search large amounts of data.

Search and Results

What's the Number on Top of a Search Result?

The match quality score ranges from 0 to 100 and indicates how closely the face matches. 100 means the exact same photo was found. A score of 83 could indicate the same person from a different angle in a different environment.

There are 4 color coded groups
  • 90 to 100 Certain Match
  • 83 to 89 Confident Match
  • 70 to 82 Uncertain Match
  • 50 to 69Weak Match

Usually, a score of 83 and higher indicates good reliable match. This is only true if you upload a quality photo that shows an unobstructed face.

What are Red Flags?

Red Flags are warning indicators that appear above search results when an image matches a photo found on news, scam reporting sites, a large number of social media profiles with different names, adult content, escort services, sex offender registries, mugshots, or most wanted criminals lists with a confidence score of 83 or higher. If the uploaded image is detected as an AI-generated face, it will also raise a red flag. Red flags quickly alert users to potential risks associated with the image, enhancing safety and awareness.

Do you Provide a Positive Identity Match?

FaceCheck provides a match quality score. No matter how sophisticated the AI algorithm is, a computer can’t establish a guaranteed identity match based on low-quality internet photos of people in varying poses and lighting conditions. Since many unrelated people look alike (doppelganger effect), always use other supporting data when making a judgment call. Also, remember that scammers often use photos of innocent people online.

Can I Use FaceCheck to Find My Lost Relatives?

FaceCheck can assist in searching for relatives by identifying similar facial features. However, resemblance doesn't guarantee a family connection. It's a useful starting tool, but should be combined with other methods for accurate results.

Can Your AI Search for Persons Under 18 Years of Age?

No, our AI is trained solely on adult faces and cannot accurately identify children. Searching for images of children is strictly against our terms of use and will lead to a ban.

Privacy and Data Handling

How Do I Delete My Own Face from The Search?

Deleting your face from FaceCheck's database is quick and easy. Just follow the instructions here.

Does It Cost Anything to Delete My Photos?

Absolutely not! FaceCheck operates with integrity and does not engage in any unethical practices.

Is My Search Private and Anonymous?

Absolutely. Here's how we ensure your privacy and anonymity:

  • Searched images are NOT added to the database.
  • All search history is deleted within 24 hours.
  • No logs of your IP address or HTTP access.
  • No trackers from ad companies, social networks, Google, or any third-party cookies.
  • No third-party tools; all software is proprietary and hosted on our servers.
  • No personal information required for account creation or purchase.

What Data Do You Collect for Your Database?

FaceCheck collects and caches only a tiny low-resolution thumbnail of a face and a URL link to a website. We do not store the original source images. FaceCheck collects only legally obtained data from public and readily available websites. Read more.

Do You Collect, Store, Display, or Sell Personal Information?

No, we do not collect, store, display, or sell any personally identifiable information such as names, addresses, or phone numbers. FaceCheck.ID is an image search engine and not a personal data search engine. Our system only stores and displays low-resolution thumbnails and URL links to publicly available third-party websites.

Does FaceCheck Identify People?

FaceCheck does not identify people. Instead, the tool identifies websites that have displayed images resembling the person in the uploaded photo at some point in time. It is crucial to understand that facial recognition search results should never be used to confirm a person's identity for legal or prosecutorial purposes. Additionally, FaceCheck neither displays nor stores any personally identifiable information.

Are you Scraping Social Media Against Their Terms of Service?

No, we strictly adhere to ethical and legal requirements. We do not engage in scraping or circumventing anti-scraping protections of social media platforms. We rely solely on publicly available data from 3rd parties that can be accessed without any restrictions.

Do you Store Search History?

We do not log your search history or your IP address. Uploaded photos are deleted. They are not indexed. Your search is temporarily stored for 24 hours. After 24 hours, the search is deleted.

Legal and Ethical Considerations

What are FaceCheck's Legal and Ethical Considerations?

FaceCheck operates within legal bounds, indexing only publicly available photos similar to Google, Bing and other search engines. We honor all genuine requests for removal of copyrighted material. We adhere to legal regulations and ethical guidelines, respecting individual privacy rights. If your jurisdiction prohibits the use of facial recognition technology, including the collection and searching of facial recognition data, you must stop using this website immediately.

Does FaceCheck.ID Violate Copyright Law?

No, we do not store or display original images from any websites. We only store low-resolution cropped thumbnails that are significantly altered for use in the search engine. These transformative thumbnails comply with copyright regulations, as this kind of use is considered fair use (or "fair dealing") in many jurisdictions, especially in the context of search engines.

Billing and Payments

Question About Payment?

Please read our Payment FAQ

Platform Availability

Is there a FaceCheck app for Android or iPhone?

No, any app you see with the name "FaceCheck" is unauthorized and is attempting to exploit our brand name for profit.