Safety Precautions

As society became soft on crime, criminals repeat their behavior without fear of any consequences. There's a good chance you too will come across someone with a criminal history. FaceCheck facial search engine allows you to check anyone's internet footprint using a picture. A quick search may reveal a person's shady history.

In addition to social media indexing, FaceCheck also indexes millions of faces of child sex offenders, kidnappers, career criminals, violent criminals, serial rapists, child abusers and molesters, murderers, fugitives, gang members, mobsters, prisoners due for release, terrorists, fraudsters, burglars, car thieves, romance scammers, and more.

Governments are not doing their job to keep us safe, and that's why we need to be extra vigilant about anyone new entering our lives. FaceCheck is a due diligence tool that can help you keep your loved ones safe by knowing who you're dealing with.

Dealing with a Dangerous Person

If you come across someone with a criminal background as a result of a search, and it's a big surprise to you, it's best to just stop communicating with that person without giving a reason. Simply ghost them. You should not confront them about their history, in the best case they will tell exuses, lies, and blame others, and in the wost case they may become unstable or aggressive. Many troubled people have been conditioned to go into an attack mode as a self-defense mechanism.

You must never verbally insult or attack a sex offender. In many jurisdictions, there are strict laws against harassing them and you could end up being arrested. However, if you come across a sex offender that is flagged as "missing" or "non-compliant", you should report them to the police immediately.

Some people believe in giving second chances, or third, or fouth... but if you do not want drama and chaos in your life, your best bet is to remove yourself from a troubled person's life completely. Use common sense and sound judgment, do not take justice into your own hands, the law is not on your side. If a crime has been committed or is about to happen you should call your local police immediately.

However, before jumping to conclusions based on a face match and writing off a person, you need to learn about the Doppelgänger Effect.