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We're seeking informative, and captivating content that highlights FaceCheck.ID's capabilities. Record a visual demonstration of FaceCheck.ID in action: Show a personal experience by searching for your own image on FaceCheck.ID, demonstrating its accuracy and ease of use. Make a fun short-form TikTok video or long-form YouTube how-to video.

Step 1. Produce a Video and Publish it

Step 2. Submit the Video URL

Step 3. Get $100 USD in BTC

We're excited to see your vision come to life! Once your video is published to your audience on YouTube or TikTok, simply submit the link below. Let the world see your creativity and our technology in action!

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Qualifying Criteria

To ensure the success and integrity of our campaign, all video submissions must meet the following criteria:

  • Authentic Account: You must have a well-established YouTube or TikTok account with 10k+ genuine followers.
  • Must Have Hashtags: Video post must include these two hashtags #reverseimagesearch #facecheckid
  • English: Video must be in English.
  • Public: Video must be published and visible to your audience.
  • Relevant: Must focus on FaceCheck.ID highlighting its benefits and usability.
  • High-Quality: Must be high-resolution, well-produced video that conveys authenticity.
  • Ethical: Video must show ethical use of facial recognition and must respect privacy of others.
  • Clear: Video must include a clear demonstration of FaceCheck.ID in use, showcasing how it works.
  • Original: Must be original, newly made specifically for this campaign. Video must not be reposted.
  • One Per Influencer: You can submit only one unique video per 3 months.
  • Quality Audience: Video must be published to real and genuine audience.
  • Views: Video must have a minimum of 1000 views
  • Alignment: We reserve the right to discretion in rewarding only videos that we deem beneficial for our brand.

We're looking for original, creative, and genuine submissions that align with the vision of FaceCheck.ID