Identity Theft

<b>Identity theft</b> is the intentional misuse of another person's personal information, often for financial gain, which can involve stealing details like names, social security or credit card numbers, or unauthorized access to online accounts, to commit fraud or other crimes.

This refers to the deliberate use of another person's identifying information, typically for financial gain, by pretending to be them. This fraudulent act often involves stealing personal information such as names, social security numbers, or credit card numbers. In the digital era, identity theft can also be carried out through unauthorized access to online accounts, including email, banking, or social media accounts. The perpetrator may use this stolen identity to commit fraud, deception, or other criminal activities.

Identity Theft
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    Preventing identity theft: By verifying the identities of individuals in various online and offline contexts, FaceCheck.ID could contribute to reducing instances of identity theft and fraud.